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Naumburg an der Saale

Dem Prokopen tät es scheinen

Prokop orders his men to harvest all the local cherries and give them to the children to take back into the city. He then orders a retreat away from Naumburg (after negotiating a nice ransom).


  gedruckt von A. Schwarz, Lindenberg, Allgäu

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Andreas Prokop or Prokop the Great (Czech: Prokop Veliký) (b. about 1380 – d. 30 May 1434 at Lipany) was one of the most prominent Hussite generals of the Hussite Wars. His name has also been given as "Prokop Holy" ("the Bald") and "Procopius the Great". Born to an eminent family from Prague, Prokop was a married priest of the Protestant Reform Movement. He led frequent incursions into Hungary and Germany, and finally negotiated peaceful, yet lucrative settlements with Frederick I of Nuremburg.

Der Kirschblütenzug
Das Naumburger Hussitten-Kirschfest
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