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1) Boydle's German Notgeld
Large digital collection. Beautiful scans and vital

2) German Inflationary Notgeld 1922-1923    Richard Holmes
History, lexicon, images and information about collecting Notgeld

Sellers of Notgeld and Serienscheine

From Notgeldman from England

5) World Paper Money and Banknote Information! Collector Tips
Information about collecting, watermarks, identifiers, standards, values, storage info, etc. for paper money in

6) Collector Network
A general FAQ for collecting paper money.

7) ATS Notes
An introduction to Notgeld

8) Banknote World
Based on the work started by Ron Wise

9) serienscheine - Google Search

10) Serienscheine der neuen Generation
Modern Series Notes beginning in 1997, including pictures of the first EURO Serienschein.

11) Concentration Camp Money
An article by Jennifer White

12) Forster Notgeld
Serienscheine with forestry as the motif.

13) Die Inflation von 1914 bis 1923
From LEMO History and pictures of the era.

14) G r o ß v a t e r s E r l e b n i s s e

15) Wissenswertes über Notgeld
Info about Notgeld, list of sale items. Not specific to Serienscheine. no pics.

16) Notgeld

17) Die Stadt Lübz in Mecklenburg / Notgeld

18) A look at German inflation 1914-1924

19) German Series Note Directory

20) zum Österreichischen Notgeld
A brief note about Austrian Series Notes

21) KCshop

22) Notgeld about Beer

23) Notgeld during WWI

24) Kurioses Notgeld

25) German Notgeld Research and Abstracts
Charles R. Jansen, Ph.D.

26) Notgeld
Essay by Courtney Coffing (1986)

27) Geldscheine Online

28) Numis World
Münzen und Raritäten - Pictures and purchase

29) Million Dollar Babies  
Pictures of hyperinflationary banknotes

30) Notgeld Hell and fantasy topics

31) Startpagina

From the Netherlands. This site offers a lot of Notgeld and Serienscheine for sale, but neither their online order form or their email addresses work. (I tried a few times.) Great pictures, however. They show all bills in a set.

32) Panorama-Numismatique

Lots of pictures and detailed information about Austrian currency and notgeld.

Papenburg 75 pfennig series note
50 pfennig series note
25 pfennig series note
Winterburg 1 mark Serienschein

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