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Muenster Notgeld

Münster in Westfalen

Berntken Krechting, To Gildehus, was bi de Wiërdaipers en Hauptmattedor

Wat giegen de Viellwiwerie stonn op, Dat kreeg von de Wiërdaipers wat op'n Kopp.

gedruckt von Gebrüder Jäneke
gezeichnet von Josef Dominicus

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Coat of Arms for Bernt Krechting


Bernd Krechting was one of 10 children born to the Schöppingen town clerk and church musician, Engelbert Krechting. Like his five brothers, he received an education and became a clergyman. He was tutor for the Count of Bentheim and attained a Parish position at the Bentheim County Guild (chamber of commerce). When he began to profess Anabaptist teachings, he was fired. He and his many followers moved to the Westphalian Muenster (the "New Jerusalem") where he became a baptismal preacher. He was a ranking councillor in the court of Jan van Leyden, leader of the Anabaptist Movement. Krechting was arrested together with Jan and Bernd Knipperdolling in January of 1536. All three were tortured to death on the Prinzipalmarkt in Muenster.

Their bodies were hung within three iron cages from the tower of St. Lambrecht's Church (Lambertikirche) as an example to anyone against the Catholic Church.

The three iron cages still hang there today.

Berntken Krechting, pastor of the Guildhouse, was the Anabaptist First Councillor.
Whoever stood up against polygamy, received a shot in the head from the Anabaptists. (1534)
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