Serienscheine: das schöne Notgeld



Notgeld der Gemeinde Worpswede

Dieser Schein ist drei Monate nach Aufkündigung im Kreisblatt verfallen.

Der Gemeindevorstand

25 pf, 50 pf

Künstlerpresse Worpswede
Walter Müller


A sleek black boat rides an angular wave formed by a black arrow cruising from lower right off to mid-left. This arrow/wave bears the words "Woler um Bur makt in Natur."

A "5" and an "0" take their places on either side of a central mast. The mast bears a small flag at the top. On the right side of the mast, a white chicken is riding the boat while laying an egg. A pink chicken lays a pink egg on the left side of the mast. The angled, boat mast also divides the background of the note into two fields of white and pink, in particolor contrast with the pink and white chickens. The note is bordered with pink and green: Pink on the side with the pink chicken/white background, and green on the side with the white chicken/pink background. A banner proclaiming "Notgeld der Gemeinde Worpswede" arches across the boat spanning from border to border. On the pink field, the banner is white, but it changes to green over the field of white. Where the white chicken's tail crossess the white border, it turns to green.

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Notgeld: Emergency Money | Serienscheine: Banknotes issued in series especially for rare currency collectors.| Konjunktur: economic cycle