Serienscheine: das schöne Notgeld



Unser Ehren Paster
Raucht sein Pfeifchen Knaster*,
Ist den Musen hold.
Hat ein Häufchen Kinder,
Bücher auch nicht minder,
Aber leider wenig Gold.

Our honorable pastor
smoking his small pipe of hemp,
is in the grip of the Muses.
Has a heap of children,
Books in no small measure,
But sadly little gold.

A.D. 1648
Notgeld der Stadt Rehburg

Dieser Schein verliert seine Gültigkeit am 1. 1. 1922
Rehburg den 1. Mai 1921

Feuerturm     Rehburger Trachen bis 1870     Haustyp

gezeichnet von Wolfgang Horst Lippert, Brunsbüttel
gedrükt von Appelhans, Braunschweig

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RehburgGreat Master and King,
Rehburg has but little,
Yet he loves you truly,
See, we the servants
Here before you appear
Without deceit and pretense.

RehburgOur bailiff, Lueder,
without guile and honest
Spoke the word like Pitt.
Of his spirit's wings,
Of his stomach's hills,
Missing Goddam! Perhaps from many lords.

RehburgThen comes the Assessor
with the bayonette
and the big hat.
Even the East Frisian
making a fuss, enjoyed
the German feelings and German courage.

RehburgNow comes our doctor,
Never silent, he never falters,
Where dangers threatens.
He's the savior of the sick.
Avoids not wind nor weather
And his look along brings consolation.

RehburgOur honorable pastor,
smoking his small pipe of hemp,
is in the grip of the Muses.
Has a heap of children,
Books in no small measure,
But sadly little gold.

RehburgOur mayor,
Heinrich Wahlmann he's called,
Also stands his ground
Even the deputies,
Who often push him
Marvel at him in awe.

RehburgNoble Senators,
Chosen for the city's salvation,
Quietly closed the procession.
Even in the small circle
They serve and wisely
Sound their advice and moral counsel.

RehburgLook, George, we all:
Wahlmann, Suer and Dralle,
Lueder, Lauenstein,
Schoenian, Pottere
Pray you allow us to scream out a cheer!

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*Knaster - In the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, the flowers from the production of (cannabis ruderalis) hemp rope fibers were designated as Knaster. These flowers were smoked in a pipe. The THC content was significantly lower than from cannabis indica or sativa. A folk etymology derives the onomatopoeic word, Knaster, from the bursting sound of the burning seeds. Today, Knaster refers to an herb-based, non-tobacco smoking mixture.


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