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Archivserie - Blatt 5 - Tilly

Johann Tserclaes von Tilly

Schreiben Tillys an den Rat von Mühlhausen 1627.

Tilly's letter to the Council of Mühlhausen 1627

gedruckt von Christian Gerlach,
Mühlhausen in Thüringen
gezeichnet von M.E. Beyrer

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Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly (1559 - 1632), known as the Monk in Armor. Along with Duke Albrecht von Wallenstein of Friedland and Mecklenburg, he was one of the two chief commanders of the Holy Roman Empire’s forces in the Thirty Years' War. source

Tilly was born in Brabant in 1559. He had studied for the priesthood and was educated by Jesuits, but he abandoned the church for the army. He proved himself a born soldier, and he reorganized the Bavarian Army. Devoted to the Catholic cause, he was given command of the Catholic army at the outbreak of the Thirty Year's War. During the course of that war, he won many notable battles, acting later on in conjunction with Wallenstein, whom, in 1630, he succeeded as commander-in-chief of the imperial forces. In the following year he sacked with merciless cruelty the town of Muenster, a deed which Gustavus Adolphus was swift to avenge by crushing the Catholic forces in two successive battles - Breitenfeld and Rain - in the latter of which Tilly was mortally wounded (1632).

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