Get a great start learning Polish Online.

  • Polonia Music

    Persian AlphabetPolonia Music

    A great site for Polish folk music. Listen and learn how to play and sing along lyrics, notes, chords, and chord diagrams. Detailed illustrations and photos of Polish costumes from all over Poland. Great for anyone who appreciates dance.

  • ABC School of Polish

    BBC PersianABC School of Polish

    Polish lessons in song, dialog, games, and videos.

  • Polish Newspapers

    Easy PersianPolish Newspapers

    Newspapers from cities and towns all over Poland.

  • Gramatyka języka polskiego

    Persian AlphabetGramatyka języka polskiego

    Details of Polish grammar for learners of the Polish language from the perspective of a native speaker.

  • Learn Polish

    BBC PersianLearn Polish

    Polish lessons for beginners and Polish audio files recorded by Polish native speakers.

  • My Languages - Polish

    Easy PersianMy Languages Polish

    Fun grammar and vocabulary lesson for beginning learners of Polish. Also great for refreshers or to improve pronunciation.

  • One Stop Polish

    Easy PersianOne Stop Polish

    Essential phrases to compare to English and to hear

  • BBC Polish

    BBC PersianBBC Polish

    Quick fix Polish and other essential phrases to get a great start learning Polish.

  • Mówić po polsku

    Persian AlphabetMówić po polsku

    Polish alphabet, pronunciation, vocabulary and expressions, grammar, video, and podcasts, as well as a forum where you can get answers to your own questions about Polish.

  • Polish Grammar

    Easy PersianPolish Grammar in a Nutshell

    This is a 50-page nutshell or Polish grammar from the University of Pittsburgh.

  • I-Polish

    Easy PersianI-Polish

    18 beginning Polish lessons.

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