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  • Introduction to Korean

    Intro to KoreanIntroduction to Korean

    J. David Eisenberg's free lessons including conversational phrases, grammar, and common topics.

  • E Language School Korea

    E Language School KoreanE Language School Korea

    Words, phrases, and short video lessons for Korean.

  • Sogang Korean Program

    Sogang Korean ProgramSogang Korean Program

    6 levels of Korean lessons, introductory through intermediate. Super starting point. Lots of detailed lessons in fun format.

  • Langmedia Korean in South Korea

    LangmediaKorean in South Korea
    Short but informative lessons about culture, necessities, travel, shopping, and services.

  • Language Guide Korean Vocabulary

    Language guide Korean VocabularyLanguage guide Korean Vocabulary

    Image and sound. Lots of colorful pictures with clear, responsive audio.

  • Learn Korean Language and Culture

    Learn Korean Language and CultureLearn Korean Language and Culture

    Free beginners lessons and premium intermediate.

  • Learn Korean Net

    Learn Korean NetLearn Korean Net

    A learning resource site offering various free tools for speaking, reading and writing practice in Korean.

  • Life in Korea

    Life in KoreaLife in Korea

    Lots of important basic Korean vocabulary with pronunciation guides.

  • Let's Learn Korean 1

    Let's Learn Korean 1Let's Learn Korean 1

    A wealth of information that will help you learn Japanese, all for free.

  • Learn


    A blog for learners of Korean with dozens of lessons and other useful information for people interested in Korea.

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