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  • About.com  Japanese Language

    About JapaneseAbout.com  Japanese

    Japanese lessons and resources hosted by Namiko Abe including free lessons and articles on Japanese language, writing, and culture.

  • Japanese Language Learning Tools

    Japanese Language Learning ToolsJapanese Language Learning Tools

    Keiko Schneider's lengthy bookmark list for Japanese language learning links.

  • Japanese Online

    Japanese OnlineJapanese Online.com

    Free Japanese lessons covering the fundamentals, topic modifiers, sentence structure, and traditions.

  • Kanji Networks

    Kanji NetworksKanji Networks

    A comprehensive, illustrated dictionary with etymologies, pictographs & definitions in English, displaying also Hiragana and Katakana, the Kana used in Nihongo.

  • Kanji Practice

    Kanji PracticeKanji Practice

    To help master reading and writing kanji. Kanji are grouped into sets of 50, following the order used by learners of Japanese at Dartmouth College.

  • Japan Zone

    Japan ZoneJapan Zone

    Japan travel guide with information on Japan and Japanese culture.

  • Learn Japanese Online

    Learn Japanese OnlineLearn Japanese Online

    Free basic lessons on: sentence construction, particles, verb & adjective conjugations plus study tips & tests.

  • Many things Japanese

    Many things JapaneseMany things Japanese
    Charles Kelly's free Online Japanese language study materials.

  • Nihongo  o Narau

    Learn JapaneseLearn Japanese

     Nihongo o Narau is dedicated to teaching Japanese to speakers of English. A good starting point.

Japanese Theater Masks - Philip Martin
  • Easy Japanese Online

    VacanzeEasy Japanese Online

    Useful tools for people who wish to learn Japanese online for free,

  • Free Japanese Lessons

    Free Japanese LessonsFree Japanese Lessons

    10 beginner lessons including Japanese alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and common words and phrases.

  • Japanese Lesson.com

    Japanese LessonJapanese Lesson.com

    Online self-study programs produced by a native Japanese language teacher

  • Japanese Lessons Online

    Zap ItalianJapanese lessons online
    Good lessons for travelers to Japan - by Loecsen

  • Japanese Reading Tutor

    Japanese Reading TutorJapanese Reading Tutor

    The Reading Tutor was designed to help JFL/JSL learners improve their reading skills in Japanese. and to help learners study written Japanese at their own pace, in their own way.

  • The Japanese Page

    The Japanese PageThe Japanese Page

    Japanese lessons starting from the very basics all the way to the advanced levels.

  • Learn Japanese Language

    Learn Japanese LanguageLearn Japanese Language

    Basic free lessons and useful information from an Online Japanese tutor.

  • NHK World's  Japanese lessons

    Learn JapaneseNHK World's broadcast of 50 Japanese lessons

    Fifty 10-minute lessons. In each lesson, you can learn a useful expression through an audio drama.

  • Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese

    Learn JapaneseTae Kim's Guide to Japanese

    A wealth of information that will help you learn Japanese, all for free.

  • Websaru


    This Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary is a free searchable online service.

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