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  • Aleph Bet on the Net

    Latvian AlphabetAleph Bet on the Net

     Hebrew tutorials corresponding to the lessons and vocabulary lists of "Encounters in Modern Hebrew" by Edna Amir Coffin.

    University of Michigan Press, ISBN 0-472-08221-3

  • Hebrew for me

    Hebrew for meHebrew for Me

    Fun and challenging Java games for practicing Hebrew.

  • Online Hebrew Tutorial

    Online Hebrew TutorialOnline Hebrew Tutorial

    17 Hebrew lessons with exercises and listening practice.

  • Hebrew Letters

    Hebrew LettersHebrew Letters

    Language learning games for beginners from Digital Dialects.


  • Akhlah

    Akhlah HebrewAkhlah Hebrew

    Alphabet, worksheets, and Hebrew children's dictionary.

  • Cartoon Hebrew

    Cartoon HebrewCartoon Hebrew

    Cute, silly pictures help you to remember Hebrew letters, so you can read Hebrew quickly.

  • Homeschooler Cafe

    Homeschooler CafeHomeschooler Cafe

    Free workbooks and links to other Hebrew learning sites.

  • Learn Hebrew at Ulpan

    Learn HebrewLearn Hebrew

    At virtual Ulpan. Free Hebrew language lessons.

  • Lesson One Shalom

    Lesson One ShalomLesson One Shalom

    The first lesson of each level is free from Learn Hebrew Pod. Each lesson includes 3 audio learning sessions, a quiz, and plenty of interactive learning games and reading tutorials.

  • Hebrew 101

    Hebrew 101Hebrew 101

    A starting point for people who want to learn more about the Hebrew language.

  • Hebrew Podcasts

    Hebrew PodcastsHebrew Podcasts

    Self-study lessons of contemporary Hebrew. Each lesson has a short Hebrew dialog that's explained and further practiced.

  • Hebrew Lessons Audio Course

    Hebrew Lessons Audio courseHebrew Lessons Audio course

    15 lessons at the intermediate level for those who have basic knowledge of Hebrew and would like to enrich their vocabulary and start speaking.

  • Learn Hebrew Online

    Learn Hebrew Online VideosLearn Hebrew Online

    From Jerusalem Online.

    Ten free video lessons.

  • Heblish

    HeblishHeblish: Hebrew lessons using English

    Over 65 free Hebrew lessons

  • Twebrew School

    Twebrew SchoolTwebrew School

    47 videos and articles on the Hebrew alphabet.

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