Get a great start learning Finnish Online.

  • Finnish for Foreigners

    Czech English DictionaryFinnish for Foreigners

    Useful information for a Finnish learner plus links to additional Finnish language resources.

  • Supisuomea

    Czech AlphabetSupisuomea

    Twelve full units of Finnish lessons with audio, video, and exercises.

  • Suomea, ole hyvä

    Czech ExercisesSuomea, ole hyvä

    Finnish Grammar in Finnish.

  • Tavataan Tas

    Tavataan TasTavataan Tas

    Learn the basic vocabulary and grammar of

    Finnish as well as various phrases.

  • The Finnish Tutor

    Estonian Language GamesThe Finnish Tutor

    Essential Finnish grammar clearly and simply explained in English.

  • Finnish for Busy People

    A very short Finnish GrammarA very short Finnish grammar

    Three levels of Finnish grammar and vocabulary.

  • Venla Finnish for Foreigners

    Czech English DictionaryVenla Finnish for Foreigners

    The essentials of the Finnish language. Text lessons with simple dialogues, vocabulary and a bit of grammar.

  • A very short Finnish grammar

    A very short Finnish GrammarA very short Finnish grammar

    The essentials of Finnish grammar.

  • Uuno and Uuno2


    Language learning material, created primarily to teach foreign exchange students something about the Finnish language and culture before they come to Finland.

  • Finnish-English Exercises

    Finnish-English ExercisesFinnish-English Exercises

    Quizzes to Help You Learn and Review Vocabulary

    This is a part of The Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students

  • In Finnish

    Learn FinnishIn Finnish

    34 Youtube video lessons to help you learn Finnish online.

Sanna Annukka
Sanna Annukka

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