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  • Estonian 101

    Estonian 101Estonian 101

    A starting point for people who want to learn more about the Estonian language. A guide to pronunciation and beginning lessons.

  • English-Estonian Dictionary

    English-Estonian DictionaryEnglish-Estonian Dictionary

    English-Estonian dictionary with more than English 17000 words with translations in Estonian.


  • Estonian Language

    Estonian LanguageEstonian Language

    Wikipedia entry including information on Estonian history, grammar, vocabulary, writing system, and dialects.

  • Estonian Language Games

    Estonian Language GamesEstonian Language Games

    Language learning games for beginners from Digital Dialects.


  • Multilingual Glossary of the EU

    Multilingual Glossary of the European UnionMultilingual Glossary of the European Union

    Listen to over 150 phrases that Americans use regularly in everyday situations. Learn the meanings and practice through online quizzes and audio.

  • Institute of Estonian Language

    Institute of the Estonian LanguageInstitute of Estonian Language

    A useful resource for Estonian tutors or intermediate learners.

  • Intro to Estonian

    Intro to EstonianLearn Estonian

    A useful resource for Estonian tutors or intermediate learners.

  • Estonian for Travel

    Estonian for TravelEstonian for Travel

    Basic words and useful phrases you will need for your trip.

  • Speak Estonian

    Speak EstonianSpeak Estonian

    Speak Estonian! offers a wide range of materials to help you learn Estonian. Pick up some basic phrases, expand your vocabulary, or discuss language questions in the forums.

  • Learn Estonian

    activities for ESLLearn Estonian

    Phrases, flashcards, and games for beginning Estonian learners.

  • Estonian Language Games

    Estonian LanguageThe Estonian Language

    Interesting information about the Estonian language. Look for the menu in the lower right.


  • Learn Basic Estonian

    Learn Basic EstonianLearn Basic Estonian

    Useful information for travelers

  • Kultuurklikk

    Estonian E-courseKultuurklikk Estonian Culture and E-Course

    Online support  for independent learning with animations, exercises and 24 videos on the history and contemporary topics of Estonian culture.

  • Estonian Language Blog

    Estonian Language BlogEstonian Language Blog

    A blog about the Estonian language by a learner (and monitored by many native speakers).

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