Get a great start learning Dutch and Flemish Online.

  • Flamand


    Information about the Flemish Language.

  • Flemish Illustrators

    Flemish IllustratorsFlemish Illustrators

    Portfolios of modern Flemish illustrators. A beautiful gallery of today's Belgian artists.

  • Flemish Phrases

    Flemish PhrasesFlemish Phrases

    Dozens of Latvian newspapers including several in English language.

  • Quick Fix Flemish

    Quick Fix FlemishQuick Fix Flemish

    Listen to essential Flemish phrases from the BBC.

  • Laura Speaks Dutch - Podcasts

    Laura Speaks DutchLaura Speaks Dutch

    This takes you to the very first of hundreds of podcasts for learning Dutch.

  • - Taal


    A wonderful set of free Dutch language learning programs. Click on the flag icon to select your instruction language.

  • Special Dutch

    Special DutchLearn Dutch through audio and video

    Subtitled Dutch media makes it really fun to learn Dutch.

  • Learn Dutch

    Estonian for TravelLearn Dutch

    A language learning portal with free online Dutch courses. Our website is for learning Dutch vocabulary and getting into contact with other learners of the Dutch language, both in Holland as in other parts of the world.

  • Lowlands-L

    Lowlands-LLowlands -L

    A celebration of Lowlands languages and cultures

    with party guests from near and far.

  • Dutch for Beginners

    Dutch for BeginnersDutch for Beginners

    Some basic knowledge of Dutch with a mini-grammar and basic vocabulary.

  • The Car Park

    The Car ParkThe Car Park

    Detailed information in English about Dutch and Flemish.

  • Digital Dialects Dutch

    Online Lithuanian SchoolDigital Dialects Dutch

    Beginners language games for learning Dutch online.

  • Dutch Grammar

    Dutch GrammarDutch Grammar

    Online Dutch grammar course with lots of audio podcasts and vocabulary lists.

  • Dutch Study Forum Archive

    Dutch Study GroupArchive of Dutch Study Forum Posts

    Wikipedia's English entry for the Lithuanian Language.

  • Dutch 4 You

    Dutch ExercisesDutch 4 You

    A language guide, grammar and spelling exercises, music, and other resources to help you learn Dutch.

  • Free Dutch Project

    Free Dutch ProjectFree Dutch Project

    A Dutch language learning project and a resource for all things Netherlands.

  • 2BDutch

    Dutch Videos2BDutch

    Learn Dutch by watching Dutch Videos.

    A great selection of videos designed to help you learn the language.

  • Verbix Dutch

    Verbix DutchVerbix Dutch

    An automatic Dutch verb conjugator and dictionary. Check out the results for the ten most common verbs or enter one of your own.

  • Dutch Quia Activities

    Dutch VideosDutch Quia Activities

    Quia exercises for learning by Sylvia Clements of Learn Dutch Fast

  • Learn Dutch Fast

    Learn Dutch FastLearn Dutch Fast

    Online exercises from Learn Dutch Fast

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