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  • Czech Alphabet

    Czech AlphabetCzech Alphabet

    The full alphabet, pronunciation audio, and useful notes. From Omniglot language encyclopedia.         

  • Czech Exercises

    Czech ExercisesCzech Exercises

    From the Czech language program at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.  Grammar, Culture, and Pronunciation resources.

  • Project Shtooka

    Project ShtookaProject Shtooka

    Listen to pronunciations of Czech words and sentences with the audio recordings of the Shtooka Project.

  • Little Czech Primer

    Estonian Language GamesLittle Czech Primer

    Cute program for learning Czech vocabulary in sound and pictures. Made (with love) by a Czech learner.

  • English-Czech Dictionary

    Czech English DictionaryEnglish-Czech Dictionary

    Browse through Czech words and phrases with translations into eight different languages.

  • BBC Quick Fix Czech

    Quick Fix CzechBBC Quick Fix Czech

    Hear essential Czech phrases.

  • Local Lingo

    Local Lingo CzechLocal Lingo

    Pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, phrasebook, and Online exercises and live tutor access.

  • Meet Up for Czech

    Meet up for CzechMeet up for Czech

    Want to practice your Czech? Meetup with others in your area who are also interested in the Czech language. Can't find a group? Start one of your own!

  • Česká čítanka

    Česká čítankaČeská čítanka

    Classic Czech literature.


  • Czech Literary Anthology

    Czech Literary AnthologyCzech Literary Anthology

    Brown University offers 22 selected Czech literary texts with audio files and other tools for reading.

  • My Czech Republic

    My Czech RepublicMy Czech Republic

    Mini Phrasebook, Czech idioms, and access to Czech tutors are provided by this total Czech Republic site.

  • Czech Grammar Book

    Czech Grammar BookCzech Grammar Book

    Duke University provides Online grammar books for nine Slavic languages including Czech.

  • The Czech Language

    The Czech LanguageThe Czech Languasge

    Brief but serious information about the Czech language.

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