Get a great start learning Latvian or Lithuanian Online.

  • Latvian Alphabet

    Latvian AlphabetLatvian Alphabet

    See each of the Latvian letters and listen to how they are pronounced. The site also offers phrases.

  • Learning Latvian Online

    Learning Latvian OnlineLearning Latvian Online

    Learn the Latvian alphabet and some basic phrases. A nice starting place for beginners.

  • Latvian History

    Estonian Language GamesLatvian History

    From a site dedicated to the Latvian author, Rainis (Pseudonym of Jānis Pliekšāns,1865-1929).


  • Latvian Language Wikipedia

    Estonian Language GamesLatvian Language Wikipedia

    Language learning games for beginners from Digital Dialects.


  • Latvian Newspapers

    Estonian LanguageLatvian Newspapers

    Dozens of Latvian newspapers including several in English language.

Niklavs Strunke
  • Crash Course Lithuanian

    Estonian Language BlogCrash Course Lithuanian

    From Study Abroad Lithuania. A 5 minute basic Lithuanian lesson, and you're good to go!

  • Dictionary of Lithuanian

    Estonian for TravelDictionary of the Lithuanian Language

    Basic words and useful phrases you will need for your trip.

  • Gateway of Lithuania

    Explore LithuaniaExplore Lithuania Official Gateway

    Facts and photos about Lithuania's tourism, business, education, culture, lifestyle, and a directory of all things Lithuanian.

  • Lietuvių-Anglų Žodynas

    Lithuanian DictionaryLietuvių-Anglų Žodynas

    Vocabulary in English and Lithuanian with example sentences.

  • Lithuanian Trainer

    Easy Lithuanian videosI.


    This site is designed to teach you and help you learn Lithuanian for free through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards (vocabulary trainer).

  • Lithuanian Wikipedia

    Estonian Language BlogLithuanian Wikipedia

    Wikipedia's English entry for the Lithuanian Language.

  • Lituanus


    The origins of the Lithuanian Language.

  • Lord's Prayer in Lithuanian

    Lord's Prayer in LithuanianLord's Prayer in Lithuanian

    Interesting information about the Estonian language. Look for the menu in the lower right.

  • Online Lithuanian School

    Online Lithuanian SchoolOnline Lithuanian School offers basic Lithuanian lessons and grammar at beginner level and a pronunciation guide with recordings by a native speaker.

  • Video Mokykla

    Easy Lithuanian videosVideo Mokykla Easy Lithuanian

    This Youtube channel offers 5 great starter lessons and plenty of material for continuing learners.

  • Youtube video lessons: Lithuanian

    Estonian Language BlogLithuanian Video Lessons

    Youtube video lessons.

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