by Lizz Caplan-Carbin

I will be.You will know.It will come.Well go.  Youll go.Yall'll go.I will get old.You will become a doctor.Itll get better.We will get tired.You all will become intelligent.
Pass the Mouse across the sentences to see them translated in the status bar at the bottom of the window.
I became old.You became a doctor.It got better.  He got better.  She got better.We got tired.Yall got intelligent.I am loved.You are loved.He/She/ It is loved.We/you are loved.You all are love.
The work will be done.The work is being done.The work was done.The work has been done.The work had been done.
I will get tired.I am getting tired.I got tired.I have become tired.I had become tired.
It will become easy.It will be easily done.Its getting easy.It is easily done.It became easy.It was easily done.It has become easy.It has been easily done.It had become easy.It had been easily done.werder = to becomewerden = is being
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Created by Lizz Caplan-Carbin

Print on transparency sheets for use with overhead projector.