by Lizz Caplan-Carbin
He is shaving.
She is putting on make-up.
These people are bathing at a party.

The man brushes his teeth.     The woman is brushing her teeth also.
The child washes his hair.
He is brushing his teeth and washing himself in the shower.    He is combing his hair.
His head hurts.        His nose hurts.
His head and his leg hurt.            He is not feeling well.
He has a stomachache.                He doesn't feel well.
His back hurts.  He has a backache.  His shoulders hurt.  His legs hurt.
He brushes his teeth.     He has a toothache.

He is in a hurry.         He remains silent.
eg.  mich = myself, dich = yourself
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Created by Lizz Caplan-Carbin
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