Warten + auf =  to wait for
He is waiting for a phone call.     He's already been waiting for a long time.
It bothers him to wait for his girlfriend.   'I always have to wait for her!'
schreiben + an  =  to write to

Udo writes to his girlfriend.  to his other girlfriend also.   He is writing to both of them.

The mother helps her child swim.
Mrs. Schmidt helps with the ironing.      Her husband helps her with the housework.

Do you think about work?     He's thinking about sleeping.
This man thinks about money.       What are you thinking of?

What do you think of my uniform?            Stop!
What do you think of my outfit?

Andreas goes by bicycle.      The clown drives the car.
He goes by (air)plane.          (assignment password:  Taschendieb)
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