The king is smart.  The queen is beautiful.  The people are happy.
sein = to be

haben = to have

An 'article' is always followed by a noun.

What's with you?  What are you playing? What do you see? What are you buying? - Who(m) do you see? Who do you love? Who do you know? Who are you asking?What is he doing?  He's repairing the lamp.
Does the father lift his son up?  Yes, he lifts him up.  (raises him high)The birds are building the house.The pirate seeks the treasure.  This pirate has a treasure.  This one finds the treasure.It's Mother's birthday.The student is doing her homework.
Who is kissing whom?  The man is kissing the woman.
Who is kissing whom?  The woman is kissing the man.
Masculine Accusative Articles
Feminine Accusative Articles
Neuter Accusative Articles
eg.  ich/mich= I/me,  wir/uns=we/us,   er/ihn=he/him
She loves me.  I love her.
He amuses us alot.  We find him funny.
I love you all.              (assignment password:  Knoblauch)


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