Advertising Flyer for German Civilization Internet Course
GEW 4930 Virtual Germany 3 Credits

Objective: To develop practical skills useful in the fields of travel, trade, translation, academic and artistic exchange within the German-speaking world. Students will learn and receive extensive practice in Internet research methodology and telecommunications while employing and advancing their German reading and writing skills. Listening and speaking skills will be utilized insofar as current telecommunication facilities allow. The focus is on comprehension, analysis and synthesis of current, actual information gathered through electronic resources.

Areas of focus and research:
  • Kunst
  • Reisen
  • Studieren
  • Handeln
  • Arbeiten
  • Geschichte und Geography
  • Umweltschutz
  • Politik
  • Gesellschaft
Students will also participate in:
    • Synchronous Internet Exchange (with the instructor)
    • Tandem Partnership (with a native speaker)
    • Email Correspondence (with the whole class)
    • Listserv or Newsgroup Exchange (with the world)
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