Statement of Research and Teaching Goals of Lizz Caplan-Carbin

Second Language Acquisition

I am interested in continuing research into Second Language Acquisition and Instructional Technology on a quantitative and qualitative basis. I am interested in discovering both substantive cognitive as well as intrinsic value for Technology-Enhanced Foreign Language Instruction. This interest is currently focused on the use of computer animation for explicit and interactive instruction of German dynamic morpho-syntax.
I would like to continue my work with Interactive Webexercises, and I would like to do more extensive investigation into the effects of Practice and Feedback, informed through study of: Perceptive and Cognitive Learning Styles and Linguistic Error Analysis.

German Language Pedagogy

I am continuously interested in discovering more about the German language, especially under the following facets: Historic development of High German, Grammatical structure: syntax, morphology, phonology, and dialects. I would like to develop courseware on Pragmatic Linguistics and Advanced grammar (for German teachers). I am interested in translation pedagogy, and the use of German for specific purposes. Most importantly, my efforts are directed toward German language proficiency for the adult learner, whether through instruction, self-study, or study-abroad immersion approaches.

German Literature and Culture

German drama and comedy (all eras) has been the heart of my affection for German literature. I would like to teach general courses as well as to focus on the topics of Theater of the Weimarer Republic and the plays of Sturm und Drang. My favorite German authors are Arthur Schnitzler and Heinrich von Kleist, Max Frisch, and Martin Walser. I hope to continue my research into the genre of Volkskomödie, with special emphasis on marionette theater and Kasperlspiele. I have been tracing the development of satiric puppet figures during the Thirty-Years War through the 19th century.

I have a fair understanding of German 20th century politics and a keen interest in contemporary German foreign affairs. I have developed curricum for both German and English courses on Germanic socio-cultural history. I am developing curriculum for an online course on contemporary German trends in global affairs and arts and sciences, including environmental technologies, social and political movements, and travel communication.

Foreign Language Education

I hope to remain knowledgeable about the latest developments in the fields of technology enhanced language teaching, and CALL (Computer assisted language learning), and to work in the areas of foreign language teacher preparation. I am particularly intersted in doing collaborative research in an interdisciplinary team, especially with the aim of curriculum development integrating foreign language learning into other disciplines.