German - American Joint Class Session Curriculum

This activity was designed for a joint class session between 2nd semester American students of German and German students visiting the English Language Institute (ELI). Although the German students were 2-4 years younger than the average university student, they had all been studying English for at least 8 years. This activity was designed to accomodate both skill levels simultaneously.



German language learners ask their German native speaker partners for the meaning of each idiom. They must read the question as it is written in German without letting their partner read the written question. Students must adjust their pronunciation until their partner receives full understanding.

English language learners (German native speakers) answer the questions in English. American students then try to give the English equivalent of each idiom and teach it to their new German friends.

Was bedeutet : "die Nase voll haben"?

Was bedeutet: "kein Sitzfleisch haben"?

Was bedeutet: "ganz Ohr sein"?

Was bedeutet: "ein Katzensprung" ?  

Was bedeutet: "auf großem Fuß leben"?  

Was bedeutet: "jemandem die Daumen drücken"?  

Was bedeutet: "im Handumdrehen"?  

Was bedeitet: "die Zeit totschlagen" ?  

Wann darf man Alcohol trinken?  

Wann darf man Autofahren?