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Students will compile a list of general concepts associated with a language laboratory. Include 1) Descriptions of personal experience with language lab activites. 2) Practical purposes and benefits associated with a foreign language lab. 3) Personnel associated with lab management and maintenance. 4) Equipment and resources associated with the lab facility. 5) Estimates of costs associated with a lab facility.

Compilation of this list does not require research but rather reflection on your own perceptions and experiences. This is designed to provide a comparison of student concepts concerning the foreign language laboratory before and after this course in language lab design. Top


Students will submit a lesson plan for a half-hour session using an audio communication system (eg. Tandberg). The session should have a communicative objective with either a cultural or grammatical underlying theme. Activities should involve students individually, in pairs, threes or fours. The activity may include the teacher's participation. The lesson plan should also include a system for monitoring students (eg. handouts to be filled in, tapes to be recorded, information to be gathered, or just random audial monitoring from master console.) Top

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Students will submit a two-part plan for using video recording as an instructional strategy.

1) Lesson plan in which language students write the dialogue, direct and perform a video production with a central language theme. The theme may be situational (eg. a job interview, a video dating service recording, etc.) or based on a grammatical concept (eg. subjunctive or future) that is grounded in a realistic situation (eg. a political press conference.)

2) Lesson plan in which language students view and react to an existing video tape such as the one created in Lesson plan 1. Top

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Students will submit ideas for real-life situations or imaginary scenes which succinctly illustrate linguistic points and concepts.Top

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Students will submit an inventory for an imaginary foreign language lab. The assignment is constrained by a limit of seven items (systems, pieces of equipment, etc.) The inventory should list the seven items in order of priority with a essay explaining the importance, the purpose and the theoretical and practical benefits of each item.

(Compare the new lab inventory list with the one you wrote the first week.) Top

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Students will pair up into teams with at least one person confident/experienced with computer authoring programs such as Powerpoint, Hypercard, Hyperstudio, etc. The team will create and exhibit a short (eg. 4-6 screen) presentation depicting or teaching a discreet concept of language or culture. The important part of this project is the exhibition of presentations to other class members. The team will explain: 1) the extent of prior experience with the media involved (eg. whether the team had ever downloaded web graphics before) and list the new resources that the team has discovered, and 2) the ideals that the team was aiming for and the problems they encountered as well as the compromises they made toward their aims. Top

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Students will create an Internet web exercise that may take several forms:
1) A worksheet to fill out while following a chain of pre-determined weblinks.
2) An organized HTML directory to foreign language links and resources.
3) An online active form website that receives and processes user input.
4) A concept paper for a 'dream website' that you would create assuming you had all of the know-how or could hire all of the experts and equipment required to fulfill your dream concept. Top

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Using production and/or authoring tools create an original lesson plan or program to be presented on the last day of class. Try to use as many tools of production as possible but try also to incorporate them into an integral instructional plan.
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