College of Education Course Syllabus
  1. Course Prefix and Number: 7931
  2. Course Title: Language Lab Design and Management
  3. Regular Instructor: Elizabeth Caplan-Carbin, M.A. , Ph.D. Student
  4. Course Prerequisites: none
  5. Course Description: This course provides a framework for continued inquiry into the knowledge and skills necessary to design, create and/or direct the operations of a foreign language learning laboratory facility including theoretical, pedagogic concerns as well as practical and technological considerations.
Course Objectives
Content Outline
Instructional Strategies
Assessment Techniques
Grading Criteria
Reading List

6. Course Objectives:

B. Students will be able to recognize a properly equipped language lab and they will be able to present preliminary plans for creating a language lab from the ground up, incorporating all technological, spatial and personnel requirements. Students will have access to all of the necessary resources for a full language lab inventory. D. In order to realize the potential of the language lab to create custom materials, students will create original materials using production and authoring tools and participate in original lesson plans designed by classmates. In this way students will be aware of the many different instructional techniques available through technology. Top

7. Content Outline:

8. Instructional Strategies:

  • Multi-media enhanced lectures presenting information outlined in sections I,II, and III
  • Mastery-based projects outlined in section III E
  • Readings on-line and in text concerning subjects in section I
  • Demonstrations, Exercises and Assignments covering topics in sections III A through D.
  • Website homepage containing access to on-line:
      1. Lecture Presentations
      2. Course Syllabus
      3. Links to on-line readings
      4. Directories of Language Learning Technology Listservs, Newsgroups, Chatrooms
      5. Links to on-line E-Journals
      6. Links to University Language Lab Homepages
      7. Input form for adding to resource database and frequently asked question file
      8. E-mail question response (that adds to faq file)
      9. Student Assessment Techniques:

    9. Assessment Instruments

    10. Grading Criteria:

    11. Textbook (s) and Readings

    READLab Director Guidelines:

    READ IALL Management Manual

    READ Planning a Language Resource Center

    READ   Installing a multimedia laboratory: some lessons to be learned

    READ  A Language Professional's Guide to the World Wide Web

    READ Ginger Vehaskari's Helpful hints about Language Lab Activities



    SURF Cafe MOOlano

    SURF Peter Götz' WWW as a Teaching Tool

    READ Internet Teaching: Existing Tools and Projects

    READ Teaching with the Web


    SURF FLTEACH WWW Resources for Foreign Language Instructors

    SURF Agora Language Marketplace

    SURF Language Lab Design Consulting Services

    SURF U. of Richmond Language Lab Resource Page

    SURF World Language Pages