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Deutsch im Netz Animation Greeting
German Internet Resource Catalog    German Internet Resource Catalog

Deutsch im Netz

Deutsch im Netz 
Internet Exercise Bulletin

Catalog of German Internet LinksCatalog of Internet Links for
Foreign Language Learning
Interactive Webexercises

Interactive Webexercises

Grammar Transparencies
Animated Grammar Presentations
Grammar transparencies online
Grammar transparencies:  accusative case

Grammar Transparencies

Grammar transparencies:  dative case
German Music

   German Music Online

German Comics

  German Comics Online

Vocabulary: Groceries

Vocabulary Training 

Children's interactive language learning

Childrens Language Learning

Sound files and interactive images

Interactive Images with Sound Files

Interactive illustrations

Interactive Illustrated Verbs

Structure drill exercies

Culture and trivia    Grammar and Structural Drills     Interesting topics

All about animals

Tierlexikon Webübung

Implicit learning modes



Das Schachspiel

Eating and drinking

Essen und Trinken

Fun and free time

Spass und Freizeit

Germanic Dialects

Germanic Dialects

     Photos and Slideshows    

Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma Iota
Phi Sigma Iota

Franz Graf von Pocci

German Notgeld

My resumé online

Personal Resumé

Sites for German
Webpages for Learning English





         Vocabulary Builders         

English Writing Exercise

English Discussion Starter


Personal Comment about English

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