Teaching Experience
Lizz Caplan-Carbin 
150 Mimosa Dr.
Martin, TN 38237
  E-mail: lcaplan@utm.edu
Tel: (731) 588-0193
May, 2004
I have taught:

University of Tennessee, Martin 2002 - Present (2004)

  • Four semesters of Beginning German 111 (Ger 101) (6 sections)
  • Three semesters of Beginning German 122 (Ger 102)
  • Four semesters of Intermediate German 222 (Ger 103)
  • One semester of Advanced German 342 (Ger Comp)
  • One semester of Receptive Skills 341 (Ger Conv)
  • One semester of German Cultural History (Ger 321)
  • Seven directed (independent) studies
University of South Florida, Tampa 1995 - 2002
  • Nine semesters of Beginning German 1120 (Ger 101) (2 sections per semester)
  • Nine semesters of Beginning German 1121 (Ger 102) (2 sections per semester) 
  • Four semesters of Intermediate German 2200 (German 201) 
  • Three semesters of Intermediate German 2201 (German 202) 
  • Three semesters of German for Reading 6060 (German 105 & 106) 
  • One semester of German Literature 3948 (Arthur Schnitzler) 
  • One semester of Spoken German for Travelers (Lifelong Learning)
  • One semester of German Lecture Series GER 4930
  • Two semesters of English culture and writing skills ESL 3
  • Two semesters of TOEFL preparation ESL 3-4
Washington University St. Louis 1987 - 1992
  • Two semesters of German 106 (Reading knowledge for graduate students in other disciplines).
  • Two semesters of German 101 Drill and Language Lab*
  • One semester of German 102 Drill and Language Lab
  • Two semesters of German 109 (Directing the German Play)
*(Some of my laboratory lesson designs are on file in the Wash. U. Lang. Lab. Library.)
Additional language pedagogy:
  • Presenter of a 3-hour Faculty Workshop on Second Language Acquisition at TFLTA (Spring 2004)
  • Organizer of the 17th West Tennessee Consortium Faculty Conference and Workshop. (Fall, 2003)
  • Organizer of the UTM Foreign Language Film Festival. (Spring, 2002)
  • German Club faculty advisor.
  • University Scholars Program Mentor
  • Host of bi-weekly Kaffeestunde and weekly Cyberklatsch.
  • Directed independent studies in German linguistics, Survey of German literature, Tagebuch composition, and Arthur Schnitzler.
  • Assisting/training faculty of the USF Div. of Lang. and Ling. to post CVs and Syllabi on the Web.
  • Implemented Internet telephony tutorials for beginning and intermediate German classes and incorporated resources and webexercises hyperlinked to online course syllabi.
  • Designed and programmed multi-media computer presentations for explicit grammar instruction, interactive practice that maximizes attention affordances (i.e. keeps students interested.) 
  • Designed Original Miniature Immersion Course for the International Studies Abroad Spring 98 Tour of Germany 
  • Teach Private Lessons (custom designed curricula) and Tutorials for Adults and Children: continuous, including continuing education for the USF Center for Lifelong Learning. 
  • Designed and Authored Multi-media software for German language instruction. 
  • Creator and Webmaster of "Deutsch im Netz" Internet exercise bulletin and directory 
  • Private tutorials for six musicology graduate students of Washington Univ. School of Music. 
  • One session of German for elementary age at the Forsyth School, Foreign Language Camp. (St. Louis) 
  • Designed a course of study for an after-care children's Sprach- und Spielstunde. 
  • I have also had 10 private students under the age of 12, and seven adult students for each of whom I had the opportunity to design individual coursework. 
  • Designed customized curriculum including Internet exercise and communication technology for two 10 yr. old boys in private lessons. 
  • Designed simultaneous multi-level, multi-age curriculum for a family of (4) assorted ages seeking lessons prior to a two year residence in Germany.
Teaching Interests:  
German Language and Literature: Language: Undergraduate: All levels of German language acquisition and proficiency skills, including courses in receptive skills: listening and reading, and productive skills: speaking and writing. Graduate: Advanced grammar, Germanic linguistics, translation, second language acquisition, and FL methodology. Literature: Theater and Dramaturgie of Bertold Brecht, Drama of the Weimar Republic and post WWII, Schnitzler, Kleist, Walzer, Frisch, et.al. Volkskömodie. Marionette and Kasperl theater. German History: Early Germanic, Thirty Years War, 20th century and contemporary German politics. Culture: Virtual Germany, contemporary and historical German film, theater, and pop culture.

Pedagogy, SLA, Instructional Technology: Language Lab design, Powerpoint, Introduction and intermediate CALL/SLA, German for specific purposes. Internet Instruction.

Theater Arts: Acting I & II, Directing (all levels), Stage Lighting, Production Values of Literature.

  • AATG American Association of Teachers of German
  • TFLTA Tennesee Foreign Language Teachers Association
  • FATG Florida Chapter of the AATG 
  • ACTFL American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages 
  • FFLA Florida Chapter of the ACTFL 
  • IALL International Association of Language Learning Labs 
  • ISLS International Society for Language Studies
  • CALICO Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium 
  • MLA Modern Language Associated 
  • SEALL Southeast Association for Language Learning Technology 
  • SCFLL Southeast Conference for Foreign Languages and Literature 
  • Phi Sigma Iota International Foreign Language Honor Society (President Zeta Beta Chapter 1996-2000)
  • Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society
Additional information available on-line: http://webgerman.com/caplan  

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