Teaching Portfolio

Table of contents


Research Samples

  1. Animated Grammar: Dual Coding German Syntax
      1. Abstract
      2. Full Text
      3. Sample
  2. Cognate Recognition Study
      1. Paper
      2. Poster
      3. Phoneme Relationship Key
      4. Mini-study
      5. List of Partial Cognates
  3. Assessment of Teaching Practices
  4. Familiarity and Listening Comprehension Study
  5. German Courseware Development Needs Analysis
German Language Pedagogy

Sample Course Homepage


  1. German I (Deutsch Heute)
  2. German I (Kontakte)
  3. German 341
  4. German Lecture Series
  5. Language Lab Course Design
  6. Portfolio Assessment

German Language Course Handouts

Online Course Proposal (German Contemporary Arts and Sciences)

Original Teaching Materials

  1. Was ist mein Beruf - Role-playing game
  2. Die Terrorspur des Feuer-Phantoms - A True Story Role-Playing Activity
  3. Conversation Cards
  4. Original Short Story - Incorporates all words and structures of the lesson
  5. German American Joint Class Session Activity - Learn idioms and make friends
  6. Gedichte - Nine ways to approach German Lyric Poetry
  7. German Immersion Course - Self-study travel workbook
Instructional Technology



German Program Promotion and PR

Interactive Audio Practice sample*

*voice: I. Naab, artwork: http://tell.fll.purdue.edu/JapanProj//FLClipart/default.html