Special Topics in German – German Immersion Light

A workbook to help increase linguistic awareness. This package is meant to add a language component to the focus of your travels in German speaking countries. It consists of 8 worksheets. Answers may be entered directly on the worksheet. (Students are asked to copy everything over upon return to the states. For this purpose, all worksheets are available on a software disk for editing in a word processor.) Students should strive to answer in German as much as possible. However, be encouraged to notice and to write as much as possible in either language.


all worksheets on the plane going over. Most of the answers to these worksheets can be gathered as you travel around and go about your day’s activities. If you know what to look for ahead of time, the sheets will practically fill themselves out.

the German people that you meet. Some people may, at first, seem a little cold to the advance of strangers but most Germans are delighted to help a student of their language. If you take the first steps in making their acquaintance, you may be rewarded with memorable experiences and lasting friendships.
the signs, billboards and posters that you will see wherever you go. You will see much that is unfamiliar within contexts that are very familiar, eg. “Viertel Pfunder” on a McDonald’s menu or the word “ziehen” on a door that everyone seems to be pulling to open.
WRITE postcards and try to mail one from each city on your trip. Send to your instructor or to your permanent address.
Recommended textbook: Signposts, Baer, E. and Wightman, M. 1989. Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 0-521-2186-5